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dBA Noise Consultants

dBA Noise Consultants provides state-of-the-art acoustical consulting services since 2012 in Western Canada. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for a multitude of clients in Western Canada and take pride in our work. Over five decades of experience in hundreds of projects in a multitude of industries on several continents are your guarantee for a good night's sleep, knowing that your project is well looked after. 

dBA Noise Consultants are certified, independent acoustical consultants. We are Alberta-based and provide industrial, architectural, transportation and occupational noise consulting services. Our consultants are supported by a complement of state-of-the art, certified instrumentation and software.

Our Services

Environmental Noise

Oil & Gas, and Power related industries often have to meet regulatory guidelines that limit the noise impact for their neighbours. dBA Noise Consultants provides the services needed to meet those requirements.

Drilling & Fracking Noise

Drilling and fracking operations In BC have to meet the permissible sound level (PSL). A noise impact assessment (NIA) and  noise management program may be required. dBA Noise Consultants can help you meet those requirements.

Occupational Noise

To protect workers from hearing loss, daily noise exposures in the workplace are limited in provincial and federal legislation. dBA Noise Consultants can perform the necessary noise surveys and provide recommendations to prevent hearing loss.

Transportation Noise

Transportation infrastructure (roads, rail lines) can cause significant noise levels near where we work or live. dBA Noise Consultants can provide the necessary support in all phases of the project.

Wind Turbine  Noise

dBA Noise Consultants can support your wind power project with a customized noise impact assessment, baseline measurements where needed and a post-construction noise survey to confirm compliance with noise regulations.

Architectural Noise

The indoor acoustical climate can affect how effective we are in the workplace and our well-being. dBA Noise Consultants provides the services to achieve the desired acoustical indoor climate.

Remote Noise Monitoring

dBA Noise Consultants can provide fully customizable unmanned noise- and weather monitoring services with real time, password protected acces to data, including audio recordings.

Aggregate Plant Noise

dBA Noise Consultants can provide you with all the required noise assessments from ambient sound surveys to plant noise impact assessments and comprehensive sound level surveys.


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