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Occupational Noise Projects

Gas Processing Facility
OH&S - hearing protection - noise - dBA

A large gas processing facility in northern BC required a post construction noise measurement program as a permit requirement from the BC Oil- and Gas Commission. The client took the opportunity to combine the environmental noise measurements with occupational health & safety measurements. dBA Noise Consultants calculated noise exposure levels for all the workers per shift and provided detailed noise maps of the whole facility. Based on the noise map areas where hearing protection is required were identified and to which extent. Combining both noise surveys resulted in significant cost savings for the client.

Beef Processing Facility
OH&S - hearing protection - noise - dBA

For a large integrated beef processing facility we conducted an extensive occupational noise survey according to Canadian standard CSA Z107.56-06 providing detailed noise maps and worker’s noise exposure assessments. The facility employs approximately 2200 people in two shifts. Around 125 separate work stations were identified and measured in a multi day field program and group noise exposure levels were established. Based on the results hearing protection is provided to workers and hot spots identified.

Metal Workshop
OH&S - hearing protection - noise - dBA

A metal workshop in Calgary for precision sheet metal fabrication required an Occupation Health & Safety noise assessment. The production process involved cutting, hole punching, bending, welding, grinding, sand-blasting and sanding, sheet metal into sheet metal products according to client specification.  Sound levels at the various workstation were measured and based on the duration of the activities the (partial) noise exposure levels for the workers were determined. The noise exposure limit was exceeded for some workers and suggestions for the reduction was provided including advise on hearing protection and a noise management plan.

Trucking Company
OH&S - hearing protection - noise - dBA

A trucking Company required an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Noise assessment to assess noise levels in their trucks and to ensure that drivers were not exposed to noise levels exceeding the OHS Code noise limit of 85 dBA for an 8 hour shift. Measurements were performed during a typical drive and typical activities like coupling and uncoupling of trailers. The daily noise exposure levels were determined. The threshold was not exceeded and the client was happy to know that his drivers were not at risk for hearing loss.

Alberta Energy Regulator
OH&S - hearing protection - noise - dBA

We recently provided multi-facility occupational noise surveys the Alberta Energy regulator, helping them to verify compliance for their inspectors with the Alberta Health and Safety Code. Difficulty is the varied workload of these workers since they carry out inspections in a multitude of facilities. Our knowledgeable staff helped with determining representative tasks.

All Oil- and Gas Assets of a Producer
OH&S - hearing protection - noise - dBA

We recently provided multi-facility (27) occupational noise surveys for an energy company helping them to determine the noise levels in their main operating buildings at all of their facilities in eastern Alberta. This information helped them to put up signage and ensure workers would wear appropriate hearing protection to ensure compliance with the Alberta Health and Safety Code.

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