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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sound Imaging - Acoustic Camera

The latest addition to our well-stocked toolbox is an acoustic camera. It overlays measured sound levels over a picture or a video, shot at the same time and records the audio as well. The resulting images immediately show where the sound is coming from, and you can listen to the results too. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a picture with sound?


The camera will add valuable insights:

  • When considering noise mitigation. Seeing where the noise actually comes from when several sources are close together, will allow for targeted mitigation, right where it counts potentially leading to cost savings;

  • When addressing complaints, to help trace the source of the contentious / objected sound;

  • When looking for sound leaks in buildings and residences;

  • To help optimize the detailed noise models we build for facilities such as gas plants, compressor stations or power stations;

  • When developing products, to see where the sound is coming from so the design can be acoustically optimized.


After the measurements are taken, post-processing includes zooming in to the frequency range of interest and/or the time interval of interest. Charts can be provided both in the frequency and in the time domain, as well as a spectrogram, displaying the frequency content of the recorded signal in the time domain. 

See some examples of a small wind turbine, a leaky balcony door, a substation and a gas plant below.

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