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Long Term Noise & Weather Monitoring

Wellhead Re-abandonment
Remote Noise Monitoring.png

Our client needed to re-abandon a leaking gas well. Originally abandoned in the late sixties, a suburban neighbourhood had developed on what was once a rural well site. Several houses had to be demolished to provide access to the well head. Based on measurements from previous deployments on the same rig we made recommendations for noise mitigation. During the re-abandonment operation we continuously measured drilling noise levels around the operation and automatically transmitted warnings if pre-set warning levels were exceeded. The re-abandonment was completed as planned and without a single noise complaint.

Gravel Pit I
Remote Noise Monitoring.png

A Highway expansion project needs aggregate – and lots of it. dBA Noise Consultants provide permanent, customized noise monitoring services around a gravel pit near an urban centre that produces the gravel for a Highway expansion project. The solar powered noise monitors reliably transmit their data and audio recordings to a dedicated website, making them accessible in real time – day in, day out, summer and winter, with uptimes in excess of “five nines” - 99,999% of the time.

Gravel Pit II
Remote Noise Monitoring.png

To help assess the environmental impact, a communal gravel pit wanted to record noise and dust levels, as well as weather conditions during summertime operations. We installed a solar powered solution and provided the county with 3 months of the requested data – a great tool in analyzing and addressing potential complaints.

Compressor Station - Assessment of Mitigation
Remote Noise Monitoring.png

We provided long-term (several months to over a year) noise and weather monitoring around several large compressor stations, to assist in assessing the effects of installed noise mitigation. Come rain or shine, our remotely operated noise monitoring and weather stations will keep collecting and providing data as part of our customized solutions!

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