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To Protect Workers from Hearing Loss and your Company from Litigation

Occupational Noise

To protect workers from hearing loss and your company from unnecessary litigation, daily noise exposure in the workplace is regulated. To protect workers from hearing loss, daily noise exposures in the workplace are limited in provincial legislation, e.g. the Alberta Health and Safety Code 2009, part 16. Typically if workers may be exposed to noise levels over 85 dBA, a noise assessment must be performed. 
A worker can be equipped with a noise dosimeter that records the sound levels. Alternatively, the noise levels at workstations can be measured with a sound level meter, and the noise exposure level can be calculated from those measurements. Both methods have their pros and cons. 
dBA Noise Consultants can provide the following services:

  • Noise measurements (both with a dosimeter or a sound level meter).

  • Production of noise contour maps, to indicate where noise levels are in excess of 85 dBA.

  • Selection of appropriate hearing protection.

  • Development and presentation of an educational program for workers that are exposed to higher noise levels.

  • Developing technical or administrative noise control measures, and help in selecting appropriate personal hearing protection.

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