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Learning to Create Understanding

Noise Courses

Noise Courses

dBA Noise Consultants teaches practical, customized courses for those whose duties include concerning themselves with noise issues from time to time. Our hands-on courses area made-to-measure for each situation and evolve around the practical application of acoustical theory in daily practice.


Some examples are:

The City of Red Deer wanted to train its peace officers in measuring vehicle noise to assist in enforcing their vehicle noise bylaw. We developed and taught courses in measuring vehicle- and motor cycle noise according to a standard, as well in operating the sound level meters that the City possesses. The course included a selection of acoustical theory, but mostly hands-on, practical scenarios that officers encounter in their daily practice.

The City of Calgary wanted to train its bylaw officers in conducting noise measurements to enforce their Community Standards Bylaw (CSB). We developed a course to help officers understand all definitions in the CSB from an acoustical perspective, as well as conducting measurements (using the City’s instruments) to enforce the CSB.

Lunch & Learns

Upon request, we can provide a Lunch & Learn. If you treat us to a tasty, nutritious lunch, we can provide a succinct overview of practical considerations following from regulations such as e.g. AER Directive 038, AUC Rule 12 or for architectural purposes (e.g. meeting rooms, private offices, condominiums).

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