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Oil & Gas Related Facilities

Sour Gas Plant BC

An 80 MMSCFD gas plant was planned in a remote area near Fort St John , BC. dBA Noise Consultants assisted with the siting of the plant to help choose from several potential locations. We provided the pre-construction noise impact assessment (NIA) as part of the BC Oil and Gas Commission application. The NIA included recommendations for noise control. After commissioning, we conducted a field noise survey as part of the post construction noise verification report, demonstrating compliance with the permit requirements. The post construction model and NIA formed the basis for consecutive phases of the plant as well as an adjacently planned 198 MMSCFD plant. 

Sweet Gas Processing Facility BC

An existing 40 MMSCFD sweet gas processing facility wanted to expand in several phases to a total capacity of 280 MMSCFD. dBA Noise Consultants conducted measurements in and around the facility, as well as around the third party facilities near “our” plant. We used the measurements to construct an as-built noise model, including third party facilities nearby. We calibrated the noise model for the existing phase with the measurements, showing matching results within 0.5 dB. The model was used as a basis for the planned phased expansion. We provided the noise impact assessment for the expansion application and included recommendations for noise control to remain within the Permissible Sound Level (PSL). We also utilized the in-plant noise measurements to produce noise maps, displaying occupational noise levels in the plant that operators and maintenance staff were exposed to. Killing two birds with one stone!

Wilson Creek Oil Processing Facilities, Alberta

An energy company wanted to optimize several oil processing facilities as part of their acquisition and expansion of the Wilson Creek assets, with residences close to each facility. dBA Noise Consultants measured each individual facility and well pad, built noise models and calibrated the noise model for each individual major facility and recommended noise control options to remain compliant with the Permissible Sound Level (PSL). Predictions were checked post-construction by means of post construction noise surveys or comprehensive sound surveys. The facilities were within the PSL.

Oil Battery, east Alberta

An energy company is upgrading and expanding an existing oil battery in several phases, with residences nearby who expressed noise related concerns. dBA Noise Consultants provided detailed measurements for each piece of installed equipment and build a noise model that we calibrated with measurements. In order to achieve compliance with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) we recommended practical noise mitigation and worked with our client to select the options that were most fitting for their situation. dBA Noise Consultants provide continuous support in addressing the noise related concerns.

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