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The Need for Balance

Environmental Noise

Industry often has to demonstrate compliance with noise regulations to maintain relationships with other stakeholders. Oil & Gas, and Power related industries often have to meet regulatory guidelines that minimize the noise impact for their neighbours. They also want to maintain favourable neighbourly relations. dBA Noise Consultants provides the services needed to meet those requirements, such as pre- and post construction noise monitoring studies and theoretical or practical noise impact assessments. Noise assessments comply with applicable legislation. We also provide independent advice on noise mitigation strategies and noise control. 

Some industries where our services may be useful are:

  • Oil & Gas Facilities e.g. Gas Processing Plants, Compressor stations, Drill Rigs, Bitumen Processing Facilities, Well Pads, Pipelines.

  • Power Generation e.g. Thermal Power Generation (coal, gas), Wind & Hydro Power, Transmission Stations

  • Mining (Coal, Minerals, Oil Sands), Ore Processing

  • Manufacturing (e.g. food processing, metalworking, automotive, plastic extrusion, machining & milling)

  • Other industries e.g. Saw- and Pulpmills, Shooting Ranges, Aggregate Pits.

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