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To Harvest The Wind, But Not The Complaints

Wind Turbine Noise

Wind turbines can deliver both power and strong emotions and provide some unique acoustical challenges. The power production (and thus noise) varies with the wind at hub height. The noise impact at neighbouring residences depends on the wind direction and wind shear, and both can vary considerably. The noise from the turbines can be masked by the sound of the wind through vegetation and around structures such as dwellings and barns. Noise measurements can be challenging: the noise from the wind itself can contaminate the sound readings, and low frequency noise or infrasound measurements require specialized instrumentation and skills. 

Accurate noise predictions are critical for the success of any wind power project. Overly conservative predictions leave potential rich sites untapped, while overly optimistic estimates can cause future complaints and exceedances. dBA Noise Consultants can support your wind power project with a customized noise impact assessment, baseline measurements where needed and a post-construction noise survey to confirm compliance with noise regulations – and sooth concerned stakeholders.

dBA Noise Consultants has the specialized qualifications to support your wind power project with wind turbine noise measurements. Our work meets all the requirements of the AUC.

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