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Acoustical Comfort Increases Well-being and Productivity

The indoor acoustical climate can affect how effective we are in the workplace and our well-being at home. An open office plan with too high a reverberation time or high HVAC noise levels may be difficult for staff to focus in. Meeting rooms without insufficient privacy may cause confidential information to cease being confidential. A classroom with a poor acoustical design can affect the effectiveness of the lessons taught and can cause distress for the teachers who have to teach in them. Impact noise can be disturbing to the neighbours below in a condominium. dBA Noise Consultants provides the following services to prevent or mitigate the issues mentioned above.

  • Airborne noise & impact noise studies.

  • Acoustical climate studies (reverberation, indoor noise levels, noise masking), HVAC noise levels.

  • Institutional buildings (e.g. schools, meeting spaces, offices, mental institutions).

  • Housing (e.g. individual dwellings & condominiums, multi-family homes).