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Drilling & Fracking Projects

Drilling Rig Re-abandonment

Our client needed to re-abandon a leaking gas well. Originally abandoned in the late sixties, a suburban neighbourhood had developed on what was once a rural well site. Several houses had to be demolished to provide access to the well head. Based on measurements from previous deployments on the same rig we made recommendations for noise mitigation. During the re-abandonment operation we continuously measured drilling noise levels around the operation and automatically transmitted warnings if pre-set warning levels were exceeded. The re-abandonment was completed as planned and without a single noise complaint.

Drilling Operation Alberta

A drilling operation was confronted with formal complaints from a nearby resident. dBA Noise Consultants continuously measured noise levels at the residence for a week and provided daily reports to our client and the AER. We also conducted diagnostic measurements around the rig and made several recommendations to control noise levels.

Fracking Operation BC

For a fracking operation dBA Noise Consultants conducted an ambient sound level survey before the operation started, and repeated the measurement program while the fracking operation took place. This allowed the real world comparison of ambient noise levels to fracking noise levels and thus to provide an assessment about how intrusive the operation was for residents nearby. We also conducted measurements near individual pieces of equipment where safely accessible. These measurements can be used to construct a computer noise model, helping to predict indicative fracking noise levels for future operations, as well as provide input for noise management plans.

Fracking Operation Alberta

For a fracking operation in central Alberta dBA Noise Consultants conducted short-term noise measurements at several distances from the operation, up to where the fracking was no longer audible and at nearby residences. This approach allowed to establish the zone of influence around the operation where fracking could be audible and help the client understand the noise impact of a fracking operation of that particular size. This understanding helps in planning future fracking operations in areas where surrounding residents might be affected.

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