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Impact Noise Measurements

Measuring Footfall Noise

Footsteps, falling objects, scraping furniture, dog nails – these all create impact noise, and that kind of noise can be particularly annoying for the neighbours downstairs. Therefore, to measure the noise insulation for exactly that kind of noise, we recently bought an impact noise generator (tapping machine). This instrument is essential to conducting accurate standardized field measurements of noise transmission across floor/ceiling assemblies.

The machine is lightweight and portable. It has a remote control and operates on either AC power or its onboard lithium-ion battery pack, which provides up to 80 minutes of continuous runtime.

With our building acoustics expertise, we can take precise field measurements with less set-up time and more mobility than ever before. Furthermore, our team of acousticians is highly adept at interpreting that data, providing thoughtful analysis that accounts for the specific constraints of each project. Providing results that meet internationally recognized standards makes for objective, non-biased information and allows to pursue real-world solutions.

Solutions for Footfall Noise

If you live in an apartment, condo, or townhouse, there’s a good chance you’ve heard your neighbours. Everyone interprets noise differently, but most people can agree that noise from an upstairs neighbour has the potential to annoy and disrupt, possibly leading to resentment.

The National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition (NBC 2019 AB) has no formal requirements for impact noise, but recommends to achieve at least an Impact Isolation Class (IIC) of 55 dBA. Those suffering from footfall noise are therefore still required to take legal action under nuisance laws to force change.

If you want to learn more about footfall noise, our tapping machine or architectural acoustics, contact us. We have been solving acoustics problems for over three decades, and our acousticians understand how to assess and control noise in multi-family residences.


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