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BC Oil and Gas Commission Noise Control Best Practices Guideline Update V2.1

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The British Columbia Noise Control Best Practices Guideline has been renewed. Version 2.0 came into effect on November 30, 2018. Version 2.1 will come into effect January 1, 2019.

A stated purpose of the renewal was to better align the guideline with AER Directive 038 that applies to Oil & Gas facilities in Alberta. An important difference however is the inclusion of noise from drilling and maintaining wells. The Permissible Sound Level (PSL) applies to those activities as well, and a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) should be completed as part of the permit application process. Another difference is that documented Noise Management Programs (NMPr) are mandated. NMPr's should be in place not later than January 31, 2019.

A NMPr should:

- Establish responsibility for the NMPr;

- Identify the noise sources associated with the well or facility;

- Set out the requirements for Noise Impact Assessments;

- Describe how noise will be monitored and measured over the lifecycle of permitted facilities;

- Establish noise mitigation methods;

- Establish a communication strategy including complaint response procedures;

- Sets out how and where individual site or activity noise mitigation plans will be established;

- Incorporates measurements and continual improvement, and

- Encompasses required reporting to the Commission and others;

- Be discussed and include input from all potentially affected stakeholders.

According to the Commission, Best Practices include regular measurements to determine if there are any significant changes to noise levels. Also, improving notification measures to neighbours of planned events that may generate more noise.

Noise control practices during drilling activities are evaluated on a project and site specific basis.

A site-specific Noise Management Plan (NMP) with a potential Noise Mitigation Plan (NMitP) must be implemented when noise concerns have been voiced during consultation or if a dwelling is present within 800 m from the well site. The Plan should be kept available at the well site and should include the following:

- An assessment of cumulative background noise;

- A Noise Impact Assessment for the activities;

- NMitP's if the PSL is exceeded.

dBA Noise Consultants can help you with all the requirements included in the new guideline including the development of Noise Management Programs, Noise Management Plans and Noise Mitigation Plans. We are only a phone call away.

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