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Revision AUC Rule 012 Noise Control

The AUC published a draft revision to Rule 012, Noise Control on their website on December 19, 2018. Comments are possible until February 4, 2019. The revision is extensive. A high level summary is provided below:

- Requirements for applications when an extension is requested for the time needed to construct a new facility. If there are significant changes to the facility, if there are new dwellings within 1.5 km from the facility or if additional energy-related facilities were build nearby, an updated NIA should be provided. The PSL applies also to the new dwellings;

- The procedure for an A2 adjustment has been adapted. The A2 adjustment can also be requested for approved facilities. Ambient Sound Level measurements for an A2 adjustment can now be conducted at a replacement dwelling, if the operating facility cannot be shut down;

- The ambient sound level must be assessed for new applications, especially where either pristine or noisy conditions prevail;

- Deferred facilities lost their status last October 17th, 2018;

- Treatment of encroaching dwellings will change:

> For new dwellings near existing facilities, the changes are minor;

> For new dwellings near approved facilities under construction, treatment is essentially the same as for existing facilities. However, an updated NIA must be provided 30 days prior to starting facility construction;

> For new dwellings near approved facilities where construction has not yet started, after the construction completion data in the facility permit, the PSL is determined as if the facility was not yet approved.

- Receptor height needs to reflect the height of the dwelling. dBA Noise Consultants understands to mean that a 2nd story should be considered for the nighttime period.

- For Comprehensive Sound Level Surveys (CSL), data from multiple days of monitoring may now be combined to meet the requirement of at least 3 hours of valid data. The requirements for assessing compliance in case of multiple facilities has changes;

- Appendix A (glossary) to Rule 012 has been changed and expanded.

A complete overview of the proposed changes can be found on the AUC's website:

If you have questions about the proposed changes or if you want to discuss the effects for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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